Welcome to The Journeying Heart! My name is Brad. In 2012, I left my 9 to 5 office job in Los Angeles, sold or gave away everything I owned, and followed my heart to Asia with a backpack to embark on a journey around the world. I´ve been on the road ever since.
My traveling adventure has brought me to living and working in Taiwan, surfing waves in Indonesia, teaching English classes all over Asia, learning multiple foreign languages (Spanish & Mandarin Chinese), volunteering on organic farms in Thailand, hitchhiking through Cambodia and Laos, trekking through the Himalayas in Nepal, completing a Yoga Teacher Training in India, and so much more. I am currently traveling from Southern California through Mexico, Central America, and South America on a bicycle! So far I have biked over 8,000km (5,000 miles) through 10 countries and counting.
I created this site with the intention of sharing the experience of my journey through writing & photography, raising money for education in developing countries, and most importantly – inspiring and helping other people to travel who truly desire to do so.
No matter what your current situation is, traveling is highly accessible today for people of all ages, genders, and budgets. If you truly want to start a journey of your own, then there is no excuse – go to the Go Journeying! page to read some useful travel advice articles and get yourself out on the road!
To read more about me, you can check out my Biography. If you want to see my travel photography or read my poetry and entertaining travel stories, feel free to browse around the site!
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As for me….all I want to do is BICYCLE!

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